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Vacuforce Vacuum Cylinders

Weimer Bearing offers the full line of Vacuforce products, including vacuum pickup cylinders. Vacuforce cylinders eliminate the need for Z axis controls or actuators and are perfect for any pick and place applications. Maintenance and lubrication free, Vacuforce vacuum cylinders have a hard anodized, Teflon coating for long life, which will save you money and costly downtime.

Vacuforce cylinders operate with ease:

  • The vacuum cylinders are at rest with the piston rod retracted in the up position

  • When vacuum is applied, the piston moves downwards (extends) until the vacuum cup, which is attached to the piston via the connection thread, seals against the load to be lifted

  • Both sides of the cylinder are now equalized and the internal spring retracts the cylinder rod to its original position, holding the part securely

  • When vacuum is turned off, the part is released from the vacuum suction cup

Why use a Vacuforce vacuum cylinder?

They have automatic Z Axis stroke compensation, and the cylinder will retract as soon as the cup makes a seal on the part being handled. No additional controls are required, so no extra cost is incurred. Rapid cycle rates ensure fast production, and they are maintenance and lubrication free.

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