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Custom Washdown Motor Solutions

In a down situation and need a special, washdown motor fast? Weimer can help!

Weimer Bearing is your go to source for all industrial motors, including washdown motors for use in food and beverage applications. We can deliver standard washdown motors quickly, and can also help with hard-to-find motors with long lead times.


Customer Application Spotlight

Check out how Weimer helped this customer out of a jam

We recently had a food production customer in need of a washdown solution for a ¼ hp, 1800 RPM, 48 Frame TENV, single phase motor. Washdown options for this type of motor are limited from most major motor manufacturers. We were almost to the point of completely redesigning the application to suit a more standardized motor when we decided to explore custom motor washdown rated options. We worked directly with engineering at one of our motor manufacturers to provide a custom epoxy-coated, washdown duty motor suitable for food applications. The customer ordered 4 custom motors for their plant that were delivered in a 4 week time period. By designing this custom solution, we helped the customer avoid costly downtime and redesign labor costs.


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