Weimer Introduces Coval Vacuum Automation Technology

Weimer Bearing now offers the Coval line of vacuum automation technology, including vacuum pumps and generators, suction cups, vacuum switches and vacuum pump accessories. The Coval product line employs industrial vacuums applied to suction pads, creating an effective means for handling objects and materials during numerous manufacturing processes. This technique aids in the automation needs for industrial applications in parts assembly, finishing, testing, transfer, packaging etc.

Coval offers a wide range of vacuum pumps including:

  • Small vacuum generators ideal for robotics and multiple or miscellaneous gripping 
  • Modular vacuum generators, which allow for noise reduction and low energy consumption 
  • Low air consumption vacuum generators 
  • High flow rate vacuum generators

In addition, Coval has a complete line of standard and special suction cups including flat/extra flat, bellows, oblong, bag opening, egg handling, long stroke, bottle handling, paper handling etc. Suction cup materials include nitrile, translucent silicone, white silicone, natural rubber and silicone free Siton material for handling hot objects waiting to be painted.

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