Simatec Offers New Bearing Puller & Handling Tool


Simatec’s new product offering includes the Simatool TP150 bearing puller and the Simatool bearing handling tool. The TP150 bearing puller is ideal for the dismounting of deep groove ball bearings and radial shaft seals. This compact tool set allows for quick and reliable dismounting of bearings with a tight fit on the inner or outer ring and is suitable for shaft diameters from 10 to 100mm and external diameters up to 150mm.

The Simatool TP150 bearing puller set includes:

  • 6 sets of extraction arms
  • 2 threaded spindles
  • Grip handle
  • 9 support washers
  • Sliding hammer
  • Extension for sliding hammer
  • 50 tapping screws
  • 10 spacer rings

In addition the TP150 bearing puller, Simatec now offers a bearing handling tool, a safe solution for handling large, heavy bearings. Prevent the risk of damage to larger bearings by utilizing the Simatec handling tool, which encompasses the outer ring of the bearing with a steel strip. Two opposite handles and two carrying belts then allow easy handling with a lifting crane. In addition to preventing bearing damage, the bearing handling tool eliminates 50% of downtime associated with bearing mounting and dismounting. Utilize the BHT300-500 for medium size bearings with 300-500mm outer diameters and the BHT500-700 for bearings with 500-700mm outer diameters on both horizontal and vertical shafts.

Contact Weimer Bearing today for more information on Simatec’s new bearing puller and handling tools.



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