Product Spotlight: Lovejoy Hydraulic Components

Lovejoy offers an unparalleled assortment of components to meet your every hydraulic need. From standard jaw couplings to nylon sleeve gear couplings, Lovejoy has a complete offering of products for all your hydraulic applications. Hydraulic coupling products include:

  • L Line - Standard jaw couplings that accommodate for angular and parallel shaft misalignment, fail-safe, resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture and grease
  • CJ Line - Curved jaw couplings that have improved torsional softness and angular misalignment capabilities, fail-safe, resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture and grease
  • LH Line - Short length jaw couplings that are interchangeable with short length industry standard, fail-safe
  • Nyflex, Mite & Dentex - Nylon sleeve gear couplings with a compact, lightweight design, low maintenance (no lubrication/retainers required), minimum backlash, resistant to dirt, moisture and most chemicals

In addition to hydraulic couplings, Lovejoy also offers both vertical and horizontal mounting hydraulic pump and motor mounts that are cast from lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy. These pump and motor mounts help assure proper coupling alignment for quiet, trouble-free operation. Additional hydraulic products include BNZ series water-oil coolers, which provide industry leading cooling efficiency within a very small footprint, and aluminum hydraulic reservoirs that provide twice the heat dissipation of steel.

Have additional coupling questions? Click Here to visit the Lovejoy coupling educational blog to learn more!

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