Minimize Your Downtime with Gilman Precision Slide & Spindle Repair


Weimer has now partnered with Gilman Precision, a manufacturer and repairer of customized slides and spindles. Gilman Precision can design a slide or spindle to meet your specific application requirements, as well as save you time and money by repairing your existing equipment.

Durable and dependable, Gilman slide stages provide smooth, accurate linear motion for an abundance of applications in a variety of industries. Gilman Precision manufactures three types of slides, including dovetail, hardened box way and near zero friction linear type. Materials include cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, which come with a variety of coating options for specific environmental requirements.

Gilman spindles provide a complete systems approach for rotary motion and can be designed to perform any milling, boring or grinding functions, including removal of materials, positioning or spinning. Spindles can be supplied as belt driver, direct driven or integrally motorized, and can be customized to your needs.

In addition to customized slides and spindles, Gilman Precision also offers repair services for your existing equipment which can cost up to 40 percent less than new units. Gilman’s design engineers and trained technicians fully troubleshoot the entire system to identify the root cause of failure and can typically have your repaired spindles and slides back in your hands in a week or less.

Repair services include:

  • No cost evaluation and estimate
  • Regrinding of precision surfaces
  • Replacement of worn components
  •  Updates to drive systems
  • Application of low-friction bearing material
  • Assembly, test and quality assurance documentation

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