Lubriplate: Quality Lubricants for All Industries

Lubriplate offers a wide variety of high quality lubricants for all types of industrial applications. From multi-purpose greases to industry specific lubricants, Lubriplate can supply all your lubricant needs. Oil lubricants include:

  • Multi-purpose gear, bearing, chain and recirculating fluids and oils - synthetic and petroleum-based
  • Compressor Fluids and Oils - synthetic and petroleum-based for use in air, centrifugal and refrigeration compressors
  • Hydraulic Fluid and Oils - synthetic and petroleum-based, NSF H-1 registered, food grade
  • Specialty Fluids and Oils - for use in air tools, jacks, chain saws, chains, cables, bakery ovens, heat transfer oil, rock drill oil, mist oil, vacuum pump oil

Grease categories include:

  • Multi-purpose synthetic extreme duty grease
  • Moly fortified synthetic grease for heavy equipment
  • Synthetic grease for electric motor bearings
  • Low temperature synthetic grease
  • Extreme pressure greases
  • Heavy-duty Red Lithium grease for industrial applications including construction, quarry, aggregate and mining
  • Calcium-based grease for plain bearings
  • Specialty greases - high temperature, low temperature, gearing grease, electric switch grease, semi-fluid grease

Lubriplate offers a wide range of environmentally responsible lubricants to reduce the impact on our environment without sacrificing lubricant performance. In addition, Lubriplate has a full line of NSF-H1 registered machinery food grade lubricants, for use in food processing and bottling plant applications.

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