Limberoller Idler Assemblies Now Available

Cooper Interconnect now exclusively offers Limberoller idler assemblies, previously marketed as Joy Limberollers. All of the Limberoller troughing and return idlers utilize two bearings, one located at each end of the central shaft. The troughing idler, which consists of a steel wire rope fully encapsulated in rubber, is suspended from these end mounted bearings, uniformly supporting the conveyor belt. As the belt moves over the idler, the friction between the belt and the rubber causes the idler to revolve on its own axis. In addition, Cooper Interconnect Limberoller return idlers consist of a solid steel shaft, completely encapsulated in rubber.

The Limberoller design offers many advantages, including: 

  • Continuous belt support – the single flexible roll supports the belt across its entire width, leaving no unsupported gaps or sharp angles in the belt 
  • Long Bearing Life – sealed metal housings protect against contaminants 
  • Reduced Spillage – the rubber encapsulated wire/shaft cushions the belt for smooth flow of material 
  • Heat/Corrosion Resistant – the encapsulating rubber is highly resistant to weathering, and the bearings are located far from the heat produced under the belt 
  • Self Cleaning – the flexing of the idler as it turns expels material build-up, which also reduces belt wear 
  • Light Weight – Limberoller idlers are considerably lighter than steel idlers 
  • Reduced Maintenance and Downtime – the sealed bearings eliminate lubrication issues, the simple, lightweight design allows for rapid installation, and reduced spillage lowers housekeeping costs 

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