Extend the Life of Your Coolant with Inauvate’s UV Filter System

Inauvate's innovative UV filter system aids in the elimination of bacteria, mold and fungi that spoil water-based fluids such as metal-cutting coolant. The system sterilizes the living cells and prevents future growth, which prolongs the life of your machine coolant. This leads to fewer change outs per year, reduced downtime, and lower disposal costs.

This UV filter system is available in two different sump sizes, with normal and high output bulb options, allowing the user to select the model that best fits their application requirements. Inauvate's UV filtration system is compact, easy to install, and can be effortlessly integrated into most machine tools that use non-flammable liquids at temperatures up to 125 degrees F and tank volumes up to 120 gallons. For those applications with tank volumes exceeding 120 gallons, these filtration systems can be used in tandem.

As a chemical free system, it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, which is especially useful in highly regulated industries where chemical additives may be prohibited. Other green benefits include reduced waste, minimal energy costs and cleaner work environments.

How do Inauvate filtration systems work?

The unit combine mechanical filtration and ultraviolet disinfection with a proprietary control system and rugged construction that are specifically designed to meet the demands of a factory setting. Filtering removes chips that can wear tools and cause damage to pumps, valves, and other sensitive equipment. UV disinfection controls the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms that can cause noxious odors, decreased system performance, and even health hazards.

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