Weimer Introduces Gates Mectrol Food Grade Belting


Weimer Bearing now offers the Gates Mectrol line of food grade belting, designed as an easy to clean replacement for the food processing industry. Mectrol food grade belting cleans in 50% less time than standard food grade belting and cuts water usage by 45%. In addition, Mectrol food grade belting utilizes a sealed Kevlar (aramid) cord, which allows for unsurpassed stretch resistance, significantly reducing retensioning time. Depending on the application, Gates Mectrol offers three different food grade belting categories: PosiClean, CenterClean and FlatClean.

The PosiClean line is a positive drive belt designed to be a simple replacement for standard plastic modular belting. The Kevlar tension members encased in a urethane material limit stretch and create a smooth surface, which aids in cleaning and prevents microbial growth. It is USDA approved for meat, poultry and dairy processing equipment.

The CenterClean line is a center driven food processing belt suitable for general food processing and troughing applications. This self-tracking belt also utilizes the Kevlar tension members, limiting belt stretch, and the smooth surface for microbe resistance. The tooth profile helps maintain debris-free pulley grooves and easily can handle high acceleration and deceleration.

Gates Mectrol FlatClean belting is a polyurethane flat belt reinforced with aramid tensile members, specifically designed for food processing. Exact tolerances and .125 thickness control reduce frayed belt edges and prevent microbial growth. Typical applications include general conveying and dicer belts.


Please contact Weimer Bearing today to learn more about Gates Mectrol food grade belting and its cost and time saving benefits.



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