Fabco Pneumatic Grippers

Fabco Air offers several styles of pneumatic grippers that aid in the holding and releasing of objects in industrial applications. The advanced design of Fabco Air grippers compensates for the common problems found in traditional grippers. Fabco Air pneumatic grippers are available in both angular and parallel jaw motion. The angular jaw motion grippers include:

  • FKHW Series - features a rack and pinion design that precisely synchronizes finger motion. The fingers are heat treated for durability, and all bearings are sealed for longer operational life.
  • FKHC Series - features a unique design including the use of a second piston that applies additional force to the gripper jaw when pressure is applied

  • FKHT Series Toggle Type Gripper - ideal for heavy work pieces. A toggle mechanism holds the work piece securely even if the pressure drops.

  • FKA Series - an angular jaw gripper which offers a more cost effective solution for customers using our competitor's products.

  • GR and GS Series - 2 jaw angular grippers for robotic and pick & place applications. These are air or hydraulic operated open and close for external or internal gripping and feature patented external adjustment of jaw opening and closing capability while operating.

 The parallel jaw motion grippers include:

  • FKHL Series Wide Parallel Grippers - compact design and are ideal for various-sized work pieces. A dual piston mechanism synchronized by a rack & pinion delivers high grip force with great precision.
  • FKHZ and FKHQ Series - two parallel grippers are identical except for the range of motion and starting point of the jaws. The FKHZ provides a wider grip, while the FKHQ has a narrower one.

  • SPG Series - feature a unique design configuration. The jaws and the pistons are an integral assembly. These grippers have just three moving parts allowing for a compact, lightweight package.

  • LPG Series - provides precision synchronous, parallel motion on applications where long strokes or high gripping forces are required. Based on a tube & tie-rod design, the "LPG" Series can be provided in practically any stroke length.

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