EDT: Bearings for Severe Service Environments

Weimer Bearing has partnered with EDT Corp., for all your severe environment bearing needs. Severe service environments are those that contribute to the premature failure of your application's bearings. Some of these severe environments include:

  • High or low temperatures
  • Chemicals
  • Steam
  • Submerged parts
  • Intermittent operation
  • Wash-down applications
  • High impact or vibration
  • Solid contaminants
  • Incomplete rotation
  • Difficult to maintain locations

In many of these operating conditions, bearing failure often results from a failure of the lubricant. Switching to EDT bearings in appropriate applications can avoid frustration and improve productivity. EDT offers a broad range of bearing products that operate with zero grease, no contamination, predictable operation and lower overall cost.

Consider switching to an EDT bearing product if you run into the following issues:

  • If you are changing a bearing more than once a year
  • If you are greasing a bearing at least once a week
  • If wash-down or chemicals prematurely fail a bearing
  • If food safety or product contamination are issues

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