Deublin: Replacement Import and OEM Rotating Unions

Rotating unions are critical to the performance of your machining centers, and Deublin offers top of the line, reliable unions for many applications. In addition, Deublin unions can serve as replacements for hard to find OEM or import rotating unions, such as RIX, OTT-Jakob, GAT and Rotoflux, on your existing CNC machining centers. Deublin has an ever-growing line of stock and custom unions to meet your needs, as well as the capability of adapting existing unions to get you up and running.

Deublin’s rotating unions for machine tool applications are available in bearing-supported rotor mounted, bearing-supported bore mounted, and bearingless configurations. They are easy to install, can run at high speeds and can fit in tight areas where space constraints may exist. The newest product offering, the AutoSense line, was designed for use in the most sophisticated CNC technology, where multiple types of media are present. A proprietary seal design senses the media, and in the presence of pressurized coolant, the seals actuate, operating like a conventional mechanical seal, and transfers coolant to the spindle. In addition to automatic sensing, the coolant union design features optimized flow, which prevents deposit of metal chips and dirt, along with bearing protection and wear resistant silicon carbide seals. 

Contact Weimer Bearing today for replacement machine tool and machining center unions. We can quickly interchange hard to find domestic and foreign rotating unions, decreasing your downtime and increasing your profitability.



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