Bircher Reglomat Mat Systems: Safe, Reliable & Low Maintenance

Weimer Bearing now offers Bircher Reglomat safety mat systems for protection of people around machinery, robots and other hazardous areas. Bircher Reglomat pressure-sensitive mats are durable products with well-balanced sensitivity that are ideal for a variety of safety or control applications.

Bircher Safety mats meet or exceed current US and CE standards and can be easily installed and joined together to create larger systems. Custom shapes and sizes are also available to fit your specific needs. Bircher’s totally sealed design, offers great water resistance, allowing for versatility in a variety of applications. Mats are silicone-free, with PVC-free  options also available.

Molded in the USA, Bircher mats have short lead times and offer great safety protection. Bircher Reglomat pressure-sensitive mats consist of copper clad epoxy sheets encapsulated in black polyurethane compound. Copper offers superior corrosion resistance compared to other safety mat contact plates. Surface pattern options include, standard non-skid, knob and smooth (no pattern) surface.


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