Electronic Motion Control

AC/DC Motors
General purpose, premium efficient, washdown, explosion proof and severe duty
AC Controls
Variable torque, constant torque or constant horsepower applications
Brakes & Clutches
Mechanical, electro-mechanical and pneumatic
Chemical Duty Motors
For severe duty applications
  DC Controllers
Available in analog or digital 
  Definite Purpose Controls
Motor controls for specific industries
Velocity and position measurement devices
Axial flow cooling fans.and centrifugal blowers
  Limit Switches
Positive break, water tight, slow or snap action
  Linear Motion Control
Linear speed and position control
  Motor Control Centers
System wide data monitoring, motor and control network
  Motor Starters
Across the line starting, IEC, NEMA, reversing
  Pilot Devices
Push buttons, E-stops
  Premium Efficiency Motors
Energy savings
  Programmable Controllers
PLC's and logic module
Timing, control, plug-in, machine tool, and pneumatic
  Safety Switches
Interlock switches and relay modules
Capacitive, inductive, flow and magnetically actuated
Servo Controls
Precision torque and velocity control
  Stepping Motors
Speed and positioning motors and controls
  Torque Control Devices
Mechanical, pneumatic, and electric
  Vector Drives/Motors
Closed loop with feedback for precise control
Washdown Motors
Stainless steel, white epoxy or fully encapsulated
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